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NMAT Proxy Testing

Considering pursuing a Managemnet Degree in one of the top B-Schools in India? NMAT opens your door to success and it’s widely accepted by the business schools in India, South Africa, Philippines and Nigeria. If you feel stressed or worried about your target score, then Examya is the right place for you! Examya’s professional exam team consists of top Indian and foreign students who had achieved high in NMAT exam before. We can help you reach your ideal score with the best-in-class bypass method which guarantee your safety and privacy. Cheating on Online Proctored NMAT Exam is possible for us.

As Examya has been cooperating with immigration and overseas education agencies in China, we have extensive experience in cheating on standardized tests and bypassing the monitoring softwares. In 2022, we have expanded our business to India and we have hired several diligent B-schools professors and PhD students. For NMAT proxy testing, our experts can help you bypass the official proctoring system. Our exclusive software will guarantee your success. Since the Graduation Management Admission Council (GMAC) started offering the online exam, we have taken hundreds of GMAT Online for Chinese students and NMAT for over 120+ Indian students. Sounds unfair to the others huh? If you can’t beat them, join them. Achieving your desired score with our proxy test takers is doable. In general, our team experts score 220+ on average for clients.

Wish to take advantage on the “leaked l questions”? Better not think about it. GMAC is updating their question bank more frequently. They update the question bank every week or two so proxy testing might be the optimal solution fo you.


Our Advantages in NMAT

Safety and Privacy

Your safety and privacy are our top priorities. With our exclusive software, NMAT proxy testing is not noticeable. Once your exam is over, we will destroy your personal information permanently and securely.

Human Resources

Specialization is the key to success in your admission test. Therefore, our team consists of experienced tutors and technicians. Some of them are professors and PhD in B-schools. Our clients deserve support from the cream of the crop.

Zero Deposit Scheme

To gain your trust, we offer Zero Deposit Scheme. While our competitor charges 30-50% deposit, you can pay after the release of official NMAT scores. Moreover, we accept payment in ETH, USDT, USDC and TUSD.

Personalized Service

Entrance requirements can be complex. Some people might need to reach specific subscores while some only need above-avergae scores in NMAT. Tell us your requiremnets on and we will provide you with the most suitable plan.


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Frequently Asked Questions

It costs thousands of US dollars to hire us to take NMAT online for you. The higher the score, the pricier it will be. Price starts at 2000 US Dollars. Chat with us to get a price quote or earn extra income by introducing potential customers to us. You may also register an account and check out the price by “Add to the cart” function. Log in or sign up by clicking  here.

No. Examya offers zero deposit scheme. You can finish payment after the release of official NMAT scores. Once we receive the exam result, we will send you a payment notice. Your exam ID, password will be returned to you upon receipt of service fee.

NO. Due to operational security reasons, all communication will be conducted over text messages. Chat with us using Telegram or QQ Messenger. Be aware of those providers using WhatsApp as WhatsApp is not safe and it might get you in jail in the worst case.

Using software approach. We have our exclusive software and we are experienced in bypassing the detection of GMAC’s online proctoring service providers. Necessary details will be given to our customers after successful booking.

In usual practice, we will post the scoresheets in success stories. Sensitive or personal information will be blurred out so to protect your privacy.  Let us know if you op-out of having your score posted in public.

It is now  on Monday here in China. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
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