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The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Someone to Take the LSAT for you

The aim of this guide is to go through all neccessary steps involved in hiring someone to take the LSAT online (LSAT-Flex) under ProctorU with you.


Start a chat with us through Telegram or  QQ Messenger. Let us know your location, LSAT target score as well as the month and date that you have registered for the test. If you haven’t registered for the test, let us know and we will register with you. 

Registration and Price Confirmation

Click “BOOK NOW” at the top right corner. Select LSAT proxy testing service that you need and check its price. Fill in the application form and send us 10 USDT selecting booking fee as the fee type. You may follow the instructions on the “How to Pay” page. You can pay the reamaining amount after getting the ideal score for your LSAT.

Equipment Check

We will send you the software after receiving 10 USDT. Install the software and we will run the ProctorU Equipment Check and SpeedTest for you. Make sure that you have fast and stable Internet connection. Wifi is not preferred and it is better to have wired connection. You may try the above tests before reaching us. 

Schedule your Test Time

Let us know when you have recieved the email notification of choosing a time slot for your test. Discuss and agree on a test time. Then, select the time slot as agreed as soon as possible. 

Preparation of Writing Sample

You can finish your LSAT Writing Sample as early as 8 days before the test. Watch this official LSAT Writing Tutorial for better preparation. 

On Test Day

Turn on your computer 30 minutes before your test. Our technician will do the final check. Then, we will help you to log on to your ProctorU account. We will do all the necessary clicks for you but please stay focused as you will need to pass facial recognition and face the proctor.

You are required to read the exam rules. Please note that you the whole process is recorded by screenrecorder and webcam so face and do not obstruct your webcam. Download logmeinrescue.exe and run it to connect with the proctor. He or she will check for you manually and close all the uncessary softwares during the test. The procotr will also check your passport, scratch papers, pencils and erasers. You migh need to show the proctor the 360-degree view of the room.

When the Test is Completed

When the test is over, the proctor will check if you have teared your scratch paper. Follow his/her words and do so. You may fill in the questionnaire on your test experience. Then the test is all over. All you have to do is to wait for the release of official score. We will give you a payment notice when the result is released. Settle the oustanding amount and the transaction is done.

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