The Complete Guide to Hiring Someone to Take the TOEFL for you

Ever considered hiring someone to take the TOEFL test for you? Yes, it is easy to cheat on the TOEFL test with hired guns and hiring someone to take the TOEFL is a common practice in China. In recent years, Examya’s professional exam team has taken around 500 TOEFL tests for Chineses students and let them study abroad. Among the language tests, it is the easiest test to cheat on. With our battle-tested English tutor, you will ace your TOEFL with our proxy testing service and meet the language requirements cozily.


The first step of hiring someone to take the TOEFL for you is to start a chat with us through Telegram or  QQ Messenger. Let us know your location, TOEFL target score and if there is any subscore requirement. If you haven’t registered an ETS account, let us know and we will register with you together. If you have already registed for the test, let us know the date and session. We will confirm our availability of proxy testing service for you. You will need to send us your exam id and password after sucessful registration. 

Registration and Price Confirmation

Follow the instructions on the “How to Pay” page. Click “BOOK NOW” at the top right corner. Select the TOEFL proxy testing service and check its price after selecting fee type and score guarantee scheme. For TOEFL iBT Home Edition, we offer guarantee scheme for three sections in the test, including reading, listening and writing but we will also help with your speaking section. Then fill in the application form and send us 10 USDT by selecting booking fee in the fee type column. You can pay the reamaining amount after getting the ideal score for your TOEFL.

Equipment Check

We will send you the software after receiving 10 USDT. Install the software and we will run the ProctorU Equipment Check and SpeedTest for you. Make sure that you have fast and stable Internet connection. WIFI is not preferred and it is better to have wired connection. You may try the above tests before reaching us. 

On Test Day

Turn on your computer 30 minutes before your test. Our technician will do the final check. Then, we will help you to log on to your ProctorU account. In most cases, we will do all the necessary clicks for you but please stay focused during the test.

Firstly, log on to your ProctorU account. Click “Start Session” beside the “Reschedule” button. Later, the proctor will verify your identity and ask you to present your passport or driving license. Make sure that the papers are still valid. The proctor will also check your testing environment. Show him around with your webcam. You might need to show the proctor the room, doors, the floor, monitor, table or white board. They will also check if you are wearing earphones, headphones and electronic eyeglasses as they are prohibited. After the inspection, the proctor will run the ETS browser and enter the exam id and password. Hardware check will be the next step. Adjust the volume and test the microphone. Then leave the rest to our experts.

When the Test is Completed

At the end of the test, you will see the unofficial score for reading and listening section. All you have to do is to wait for the release of official TOEFL score. For TOEFL iBT, it usually takes 4-8 days to receive the official score. We will give you a payment notice when we get the scores. Complete the transaction by settling the oustanding amount.

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