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GMAT vs GMAT Focus Edition Scores Conversion 2024

GMAT Focus Edition Score Coversion Table
GMAT Focus Edition Score Coversion Table

Starting from this month, the old GMAT is no longer available. With the updated GMAT Focus Edition, you don’t need to struggle with AWA section and the duration of the test is shorter. Since customers have been asking for new price quotes of GMAT cheating services, you may take a look at the GMAT Focus Edition score conversion table.

In the past, we used to offer pirce quotes based on 700, 730 and 750 scores. From now on, our GMAT Focus Edition service price quotes are based on 635, 655, 675 and 695 guaranteed schemes. The cost of our GMAT cheating service starts at 2100 USD and we only charge 100 USD upfront. Remainings can be settled after the release of your GMAT official score. If you have trouble with paying using USDT, no worries as we do provide other alternatives. Hit us on Telegram to hire a GMAT proxy tester and ace your GMAT Focus Edition now. 50% deposit is not required here and you deserve a safer bet.

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