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gmat hired test taker

It’s the season to apply for MBA programs and many customers doubt the authenticity of getting a hired tesk taker for their GMAT and NMAT. Here’s the payment proof from our Indian customer Mr. S. He pulled off the GMAT proxy testing and sent us the last 500 USDT for our expert service. Instead of posting the whole GMAT official score report here, we are posting his payment proof here with his approval.

Here’s something you must know before getting a hired test taker for your GMAT, NMAT and other examinations. Firstly, do not ever chat with agents and proxy testers through WhatsApp. You may notice that some agents leave their +1 or +91 WhatsApp contact number in thier Facebook post or on Instagram. It might get you exposed and you will be kicked out from college, or even get jailed. Secondly, do not approach those individual sellers which don’t even own an individual website. Let’s make it short. Why would you trust somebody can help you pass your GMAT ot NMAT safely when they even can’t set up their own website? Be wise and conquer your exam with us.

For enquiries on GMAT and NMAT, leave us a message on Telegram @Markexamya . If you are interested in becoming LSAT proxy test taker or becoming our regional distributor, you are also welcomed 😉

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